Domains and Hosting for WordPress

The first step in setting up a WordPress site is to purchase a domain name. To help you receive more search engine traffic, we search for a website that has the best converting keywords for your business.

If you operate a local dentist shop, then use a keyword research tool such as Google Keyword Planner or

Having the right keyword for your domain can be one of the biggest things your company does for marketing the site.

If you still need help with your keyword research contact us, so we can test the best keywords for your business.
Conversely, while keyword research is very important remember to balance out the keyword research with other aspects of the domain.

For example, is the domain easy to say or type? What is better a .com or .net domain? These ideas matter when figuring out the best domain name.

Then when you have the right domain name, use a service like GoDaddy to buy the right domain name for your business.

GoDaddy Domain Registrar

Next, set up hosting. If your domain is the address where you website lives, then the hosting is the house you build on that address.

Our preferred choice for hosting is WP Engine. They offer one of the best fully-managed WordPress hosting options.

Furthermore, WP Engine is well-known for their great customer service and work with users to keep your WordPress site updated.

WordPress Engine

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