Campaign Kickoff

Welcome aboard. We are excited to get you started, work with you and help your website get optimized for both search engines and site visitors.

Whats Next?

When it comes to long-term SEO strategies, there are so many tactics to consider. We have improved hundreds of websites since 2009 using our tested and experimental methods. Our team blends marketing data with human intelligence to deliver visible improvements to our clients.

Below is an example of what you could expect over the next 30 to 60 days.

How We Optimize Websites

Sometimes, all a good website needs is for trained professionals to unlock the explosive potential that is holding it back. Other times, your website needs to be properly optimized for long term financial success. Either way, SEO Mechanic improves many facets of your website – from content, code, tracking, and report, ultimately boosting your SEO performance.

Our philosophy is simple, we fix what isn’t working and improve what is working. SEO is a process and SEO Mechanic is the most efficient company for your business.

The First 30 days: What We Need from You

Once you become an SEO client, our team starts immediately. The first 30 days tend to be the most stressful for everybody, since we have expectations to meet and it takes a lot of extra work to get the ball rolling.

We have most likely already completed one of our quick SEO audits to find some of the major critical errors that we need to correct. We send over our New Campaign Request Form, with a list of items we need from you to get started.

  • Here are the main things we ask for:
  • Back end access to your website
  • Goals for your SEO campaign
  • Target keywords you feel are important
  • Previous link building or previous SEO companies you’ve worked with
  • Your top competitors

The Kickoff Process

The kickoff process consists of quite a bit of discovery. Even when we are very familiar with your product or service, we like to know more about your company, how you do business, and what your target market or buyer personas are.

Understanding who you are trying to sell to helps our team identify the proper keyword research they need to be doing. There is quite a bit of psychology behind the way people search, and it can vary from region to region. Doing proper keyword research is important to matching your site with what your customers and clients are searching for.

We send you a New Campaign Request Form that includes a section for your competitors. We like to know who your biggest competitors are both online and in the real world, since sometimes these can vary. For example if you own a small book store and your biggest competitor is Amazon, that’s awesome, but we want to know more local competition.

Your First Call

Once we have received our New Campaign Request Form back, we set up a quick call to go over each item and answer any questions. We like to make sure we understand your goals and make sure you understand the process.

Most of our successful SEO campaigns take 5-12 months, on average, to help a client get to the first page for their target keywords. This time can vary depending on how difficult a keyword or key phrase is in your area. Don’t worry, while we are targeting your high value keywords, we are also helping move up our clients long-tail keywords, or low hanging fruit.

Your Full Website Audit

After our first call, my team and I conduct a full audit of your website. We go through each page with great detail looking at every area that needs attention. Depending on the size of your site, this can take several days to several weeks.

If you don’t have any analytics installed, we want to make sure we get analytics placed on your site so we can begin to track metrics. Without metrics, we can’t show any benchmarks. We prefer to use Google Analytics so if you already have this installed, we make sure you have it on your site correctly.

While we are conducting the full scale audit, we also set up you up in our system. We use a series of various tools to track and monitor your metrics. If you have social media accounts, we also ask for access to those so we can set up and view your social metrics.

After the audit is complete and your site is set up in our systems, we look for critical issues to start correcting. Each site is different and each site may have more critical issues than others. We want to get those knocked out first.

Your First SEO Report

After the first 30 days, we send you our first SEO report. If you had previous analytics on your site we can compare your previous month vs your first month with us. Since the first month involves a lot of discovery, research and setup, increased metrics are rare. But after the first month, you are well on your way to having a more visible site in search.

Ongoing Services

Each clients needs are different. But every month we continue the process of fixing and refining your site.

Interested in what your ongoing service schedule will look like? Shoot us an email.