Google Florida 2 Update – March 2019 Core Update

If you weren’t paying attention last month, you may have missed out on news of an important Google update.

Danny Sullivan of Google announced on Twitter that the search engine is updating its algorithm.

As a broad core update, this one has the potential for a far-reaching impact.

Known as March 2019 Core Update, Florida 2 Update or Update Florida 2, there are a few important questions you need to answer:

How important is this update?

Every Google update is important, but from the information that’s circulating this appears to be one of the biggest of the past few years.

A look at the past shows that most big Google updates have resulted in a powerful change in how websites are ranked.

Although things are still shaking out a bit, there’s a good chance this update will have a noticeable impact across the industry.

What’s the reason for the Google Florida 2 update?

In short, a broad core update means that Google isn’t targeting any particular signal or niche, such as content quality.

There is no exact reason for a broad core update. This type of update is meant to improve Google’s algorithm across the board, all with the idea of more accurately matching users with the right websites.

Is there anything to fix?

When it comes to broad core updates, there’s not much you can do in regards to fixing your own website. Sullivan noted the following in a tweet from last month:

Rather than spend your time trying to figure out the reason for the update, it’s best to put your resources into creating high quality content. This approach puts your website in position to climb the search engine rankings.

Final Thoughts

The Google Florida 2 Update is a big one, but it’s no reason to freak out. Collect as much information as you can, reassess your strategy, and continue creating valuable content that engages your audience.

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