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Optimize Your CTA: Better Alternatives to ‘Learn More’

What are your thoughts on “learn more” links? Have you considered the potential impact on your website? Is it killing your conversion rate and increasing your bounce rate? A Google search for “Learn More links” generates approximately 3,080,000,000 results. In other words, people have a lot to say on this subject.

SEO Basics

How Falling Search Engine Rankings Could Affect Your Business Revenue

Did you know that Google processes more than 40,000 search queries every second? Or how about the fact that it processes approximately 3.5 billion searches every day? This doesn’t even take into account search engines with a smaller market share, such as Yahoo and Bing.


How to Handle a SEO Website Migration

Website migration doesn’t have to be nearly as difficult as it sounds. Despite the potential search engine optimization challenges, taking the right steps allow you to complete the process in a timely manner – and all without making any mistakes. Regardless of why you’re moving your website, there are several SEO website migration tips you […]


How to Find Your Competitors Backlinks

Do you have dreams of pushing your website to the top of the search engine rankings for your target keywords? While Google takes many factors into play when ranking websites, links from other sites remains at the top of the list. This is why it’s so important to focus on building high quality, relevant links. […]


How to Find Your Competitors’ Keywords

There is no denying the importance of choosing the right keywords for your website. After conducting the appropriate research, you’ll known which keywords can drive a large quantity of targeted traffic to your website – and that’s exactly what you want.

Local SEO

Managing Multiple Locations On Google My Business

As a company with a storefront or physical office, it’s imperative to have an accurate and comprehensive Google My Business profile. But what should you do if you have more than one location, or 100’s of locations? The best approach is to create a business account that provides bulk location management functionality. This allows you […]