Why is My Website Not Showing in Google Search?

Does it feel like you’ve done everything right, but your website is still nowhere to be seen in Google’s search results?

You’re not alone! Many businesses need help to get their websites to rank well in search engines.

Generally speaking, several factors can affect why website’s don’t rank on Google, including:

  1. Google has not yet indexed your website (too new)
  2. Your website isn’t optimized for search engine crawling
  3. Your keyword market is very competitive
  4. Your website has “no index” tags
  5. Your website has been penalized and removed from Google

But did you know Google doesn’t add all submitted URLs to their index?

Plus Google does not make predictions or guarantees about when or if submitted URLs will appear in their index. And if your new website is crawled, it can take up to two weeks to be pushed out to the index.

How to Analyze Your Website’s Search Performance

If your website is struggling to appear in Google search results or experiencing a decline in performance, try analyzing its search performance using one of the following tools.

#1. SEO Mechanic SEO analyzer tool is a comprehensive and user-friendly online tool designed to evaluate and analyze the search engine optimization (SEO) performance of a website.
#2. Semrush is a popular and widely used all-in-one digital marketing platform that provides a comprehensive set of tools for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Why Search Ranking Matters

Most people don’t click past the first page of search results. According to this study, the top listing in Google’s organic search results receives 33 percent of the traffic, compared to 18 percent for the second position. The traffic only degrades from there.

So it’s not enough for your site to be indexed by Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Why Sites Don’t Rank in Search Results

Google is tricky. Below are common reasons (in detail) why your site (WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace) isn’t ranking and how it appear on Google search:

1. Google has not yet indexed your website yet

If you want to quickly tell if your website is in the Google index, you can do a Google Search for “site:yourwebsite.com”.

How to Test Googles Search Index

How to Test Googles Search Index

Check out the video below for step-by-step instructions executing a “site:yourwebsite.com” search.

2. Your website is too new

Did you build and launch your new website? Typically it can take up to four weeks to appear in search engine results. While we might be accustomed to getting things online quickly, search engine indexes can be relatively slow. So sit tight, wait, and learn more about search engine algorithms before you get too nervous.

Sometimes it can take a week or more for a search engine to update search results. This is because your website is new and has no inbound links.

First, create an account on Google Search Central. Google Search Central, formerly Google Webmasters, is here to help the right people view your content with resources to make your website discoverable to Google Search.

When you register and point Google to your sitemap.xml URL, you can request them to re-crawl your URLs. However, there are so many requests that the feature doesn’t always work immediately (especially if you have a new or large site).

3. Your website has “no index” tags

You can use custom code to tell search engines not to index your site or specific pages. If you or someone who designed your site added this code, that would explain why it’s not appearing in search results.

4. Your website isn’t optimized for search engine crawling

Once you submit your website to a search engine, a spider is sent to your site to crawl it for content. These spiders don’t view your site as a visitor would.

They scan your site for meta content, keyword saturation, relevant content, and many other factors.

Therefore, you must consider what content search engines see on your Web pages.

5. Your keyword market is very competitive

Search engines help millions of worldwide users navigate the internet and find specific content amid the billions of websites.

Ensure you target a less competitive keyword market to attract your consumers.

6. Not all keywords are equal

It’s easy to rank for irrelevant keywords in search engines. It’s hard to rank for keywords that are profitable for your business.

The difficulty is twofold, determining the most profitable keyword for your business and two having the knowledge to move you to Page 1 ranking.

7. Your website has been removed from Google

Google may temporarily or permanently remove sites from its index and search results if it believes it is obligated to do so by law if the sites do not meet Google’s quality guidelines or for other reasons, such as if they detract from users’ ability to locate relevant information.

Here are the different ways Google may remove your site from search results:

  • Deindexed – When your domain is completely removed from Google. Also known as Banned.
  • Penalized – When your domain or page still exists, but none of your pages can be found through direct search queries. This penalty can be automatic through the Google algorithm or manually applied by a Google Quality Engineer.
  • Sandboxed – Your domain or page wasn’t Deindexed or Penalized, but the traffic you were getting from Google suddenly dropped dramatically.

If your site is blocked from our index because it violates our quality guidelines, Google may alert you using Search Console.

Suppose you receive a notification that your site violates our quality guidelines. In that case, you can modify it so that it meets these guidelines, then submit your site for reconsideration.

8. Search engines are unable to crawl your site

WordPress comes with a built-in feature that allows you to instruct search engines not to index your site. This feature is automatically enabled when you launch a new WordPress website. So it would be best if you manually disabled it. All you need to do is visit Settings » Reading and check the box next to Search Engine Visibility option.

How to Get Your Website To Show Up on Google

You want your website to rank on the first page (typically with ten website listings). Depending on your business, you must employ search engine optimization and SEO strategies to improve your ranking.

1. Conduct a thorough SEO audit

To ensure more tremendous success in the future, now is the time to conduct an SEO audit of your website. This will give you a clear view of where you stand regarding the following:

  • On-site optimization
  • Off-site optimization
  • Keyword selection

And that is just the start. Learn how to do a manual audit here: https://www.seomechanic.com/how-to-perform-seo-audit/

2. Add keywords to your website content

Keywords can be a single word or a short phrase of up to four or five words. These should be terms that are relevant to your site and that people are likely to use when they search Google.

They need to be relevant to what your site is about.

3. Use meta-tags to add more keywords

Meta-tags are hidden code — visitors to your website don’t see them, but the Google search engine “bots” that scan your site will pick them up.

You can add these meta-tags to your site if you have a web design program or know how to code HTML.

4. Find keywords that aren’t overly competitive

We suggest you use Google’s free Keyword Planner to figure this out.

This keyword research tool lets you gauge the popularity of particular search terms and the competition you face by using them.

Highly competitive keywords can have tens of thousands of websites fighting over them, so you are less likely to wind up on page one of Google if you pick these.

5. Seek out backlinks

Web pages that contain links back to your site: A significant factor for search engines is quality organic backlinks. It’s what search engines are looking for.

If multiple websites link back to your website, Google gives your page higher credibility and search ranking.

6. Create a listing for your site on Google My Business

This tip is for brick-and-mortar businesses with physical locations.

Google My Business links your site to a map listing, so when people look for your business or search using keywords related to your business, they will find a Google map listing and can click through to your website for more information.

7. Have content that is relevant to your business

Use articles or other material specific to your products and services. Don’t use filler that is only loosely related.

Google’s algorithm ranks sites with original, relevant content more highly than those with content repeated elsewhere.

8. Analyze your technical SEO

My free SEO report is an excellent resource to baseline specific URL search engine performance. We also give you a long checklist for improving your website’s SEO.

Bonus tip: SEO Maintenance

Once you’ve optimized your website to get to that crucial first page of Google, you can’t stop; SEO must always be managed.

As soon as you’ve climbed to page one ranking, your competitors will be after you with their SEO strategies, seeking to knock you off the top.

Or customers might start searching with different keywords.

The bottom line: Your website will need continual SEO review to maintain your search engine ranking.


Business owners with WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix sites must learn about SEO and improve their online presence. 63% of Americans access the mobile web daily, which is on the rise.

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  8. noble says:

    Helpful post… I dont think my site is penaltized by google.. the problem in my site is that some time fetch as google donot work on my new article… Can you help me about the matter ….

  9. Charlie says:

    Hey Noble, Thanks for taking the time to read my post and write a comment! I would need a little more clarification on your questions to give you a good answer. If you have time register here and then post your question in my SEO Forum. Thanks, Charlie

  10. Bishal says:

    very much helpful article …. i just want to know that..why some of the urls of my site is not indexing from a long time . they r seo friendly and scored good in seo score. but also not displaying in serps.i always recrawls and applying nice seo strategies.
    pls help me to understand awesomely

  11. Charlie says:

    Hi Bishal, Thanks for taking the time to read my post and write a comment! I would need a little more clarification on your question to give you a good answer. If you have time register here and then post your question in my SEO Forum. Thanks, Charlie

  12. Quanglepro says:

    Good tip sir. I am find out for this subject. Today, I posted 3 posts, only 2 of them are on the first page. Only the third post can not rank on the first.
    But i dont know why, because i use same technique SEO with all.
    May be, my keyword is high compitive as your writing.
    Nice day

  13. Charlie says:

    Hi Quang, Thanks for taking the time to read my post and write a comment! I would need a little more clarification on your question to give you a good answer. If you have time register here and then post your question in my SEO Forum. Thanks, Charlie

  14. Hrishi says:

    My site http://www.jobs4ne.in is 50 days old. But Suddenly the site not appearing in google search from this moring. But my domain still exists but none of my pages can be found through very direct search queries. I have tried the tag- site:jobs4ne.in but nothing found. Plz help…

  15. Charlie says:

    Hey Hrishi, My advice would be to check your email for messages from Google Webmaster Tools and review your analytics and statistics. There was a lot of fluctuation in search results the last few weeks. You can always ask me more detailed questions in my forum. ~ Charlie

  16. Hrishi says:

    Thank u Sir for your kind response. I have checked my email many times but no mails from Google webmaster regarding this. Even there is such message in my Google search console. Out of 136, 130 posts indexed and showing processed August 9, 2016. Sir plz help me to move out of this. Plz plz sir. I am suffering a lot.

  17. Chris says:

    Hi Charlie! Thank you for your post, as well as some of others from your blog! They have been very helpful! If it is not too much trouble may I ask you a question?

    I am helping out with a new website. The website is less then two months old and thus has the fitting domain and page authority associated with a new domain.

    However, for some reason our spam score, according to MoZ is a 9. This seems odd, because we only advertise through social media, and do so fairly successfully (one post every week or so & professionally edited pictures). Our website does not have a blog, yet. So, I was wondering what google is punishing our site for.

    Currently if you type in our company name, the website url will not show up first in Google. But, it will in yahoo, AOL, Bing, Duck Duck Go etc.

    We do not have any major backlinks at this point — actually I do not believe we have any, but our website should still come up because the name is unique — as it does in every other search engine except for Google.

    Any idea what could cause such a high spam score? Or is there a reason our website is not showing up as the first result (our facebook page shows up first). The name is not competitive at all.

    Thank you for your help and keep up the good work!

  18. Charlie says:

    Hey Chris,

    I would love to answer your question in more detail in my forum. If you have time visit this link and sign up for a free account: https://www.seomechanic.com/join/ – otherwise the comments string on this post could get long. Thanks again for stopping by and leaving a comment! – Charlie

  19. Hector Jayat says:

    It is in fact difficult to know if google desire to help you or not, because if you enter a long tail keyword like this, and google shows 1,5678,908 results and yuo see that only 1page and 2ndd page shows website with that exact keyword and the from page 3 and on start to divage and stat showing nonsense results,
    For instantce, let’s say you are lokking for a long tail keyword like this:
    a b c, then right after 3rd page, and some time even from page 2 you start to see thing like:
    a X b c
    a XY b
    a XY c
    a XYZ c

    is where you say what is the sense of google to shows you 1,5678,908 is only about 20 results makes sense and the other 1.5Million is only garbage.
    To be honest I will never understand go the google algorithm works. I’m tired of that

  20. Charlie says:

    Hey Hector,

    I know what you mean! Depending on the search phrase, often times Google will shut down its results after 10 pages. Though if its a hyper competitive industry it will trail on for many many pages. At the end of the day the most relevant results are on the first couple of pages. Are you having issues with your site ranking deeper in results?


  21. I made seo on my wordpress site while searching my keywords my home page link willbe displaying not that post link why what was the problem with.
    my blog is jumbletalkies.com

  22. Charlie says:

    Hey Avinash,

    Its possible your post and homepage are targeting the same keywords. Hope that helps!


  23. James says:

    My question is how come I have multiple posts on the first page of Bing and Yahoo, but nothing on the first 10 pages of google??

  24. Charlie says:

    Hey James, Bing and Yahoo function under a very similar algorithm while Google is completely unique. There are more ranking factors involved in Googles versus Bing and Yahoo. Hope that helps! – Charlie

  25. Hello Sir,

    You have written a Nice and Detailed post . But I want to ask a question.

    Why my blog suddenly disappeared from Google search engine results. They haven’t send me any information or warning related to policy violation. I have Tried to submit it again and I have Fatched it as Google but still it is Disappeared from results.

    What should I do Please reply me ASAP


  26. Charlie says:

    Hey Abhishek, At the moment Google is going an update, so its possible it will be back in results soon. but the best thing to do is to wait a few days before getting nervous. Also I would avoid repeated fetching. Hope that helps! – Charlie

  27. Amy says:

    You seem rather knowledgable so I thought I would ask if you know what is wrong with my website on google search. I used to have an https: because I worked through wordpress.com who automatically assigns you one. moving to self-hosted now, I only have http: I have installed analytics through monster insights (not sure if that is relevant). I don’t understand why, but when I search for my website in google search only an https: version comes up and it won’t let visitors in because it isn’t an https: website. Any ideas?

  28. Charlie says:

    Hey Amy,

    It can take a long time for Google to update your site in their index. A quick fix is buying an SSL cert form your current hosting provider. Thus its a moot point to wait for the reindex as all the links will work. Thanks for stopping by!


  29. I would like to know what the problem is with my wix site. It doesn’t get found on google search. I have tried to do all that I read up online on SEO. Including using your SEO engine to check and then do as advised, but the result is still the same. I am already indexed on google. But nothing yet.

    What can I do or is six not google friendly?

  30. Charlie says:

    Hey Femi, Wix recently enabled Clean URLs. Have you converted your site yet? – Charlie

  31. Rakesh Bisht says:

    Hi Charlie ,
    First of all thanks for such a wonderful post.
    I was trying to rank my website http://www.gallakar.com on the keyword “talk to strangers” but google is not raking my website for this keyword even my website is indexed by google.Please suggest something…

    Thanks a lot

  32. Charlie says:

    Hey Rakesh, When you have a minute sign up for a free account and ask me anything in the SEO Forum!

    Link: https://www.seomechanic.com/register/


  33. Namdeo says:

    Hi Charlie,

    Such a good informative.

    We are recently facing some problem with DNS server. We are getting “Google couldn’t access your site because of a DNS error.” in our webmaster tools. And we contacted our Web Hosting server guys saying everything is OK. Also We try “Fetch as Google” but it showing “currently unreachable”

    Also as checked my site disappeared from Google search engine results. We still not received any massage warning from Google. What should i do now?

    Thank in advance

  34. Charlie says:

    Hey Namdeo, That could be a complicated one! When you have a minute sign up for a free account and start a thread in the SEO Forum with your sites domain name.

    Link: https://www.seomechanic.com/register/


  35. Jenn says:

    Hi Charlie,
    We had a hacker come onto our website a couple weeks ago, and redirected our website on Google search to an hackers site. We then submitted all we needed to for cleaning up the sites and getting the hacker out. But our website is now not in results of Google search at all. Our webmaster account shows that our site has been crawled, AND indexed, but it continues to not show in the search results. We are stumped. Can you help us. Thank you,

  36. Charlie says:

    Hey Jenn, Thats a complicated situation with about a dozen different factors and solutions. Some easy and some complicated. Feel free to send me a message through my contact form to discuss further. ~ Charlie


  37. nice very informative post admin, i have so many problems in SEO. i hope i will my site SEO better after getting your article.

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    I wlii come back and tell how it worked.

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    hai sir,
    my website seo percentage 85%,but its not appear whether i searching using keywords..please help me.

  40. سئو says:

    I’ve this exact problem, I don’t know why!
    There’s some impressions and a few clicks in my webmaster tools console report. But still it’s not showing in serp results for the main keyword.
    I think maybe it’s because of the website age. Does the age of the website impact on seo?

  41. Charlie says:

    Hey Guys,

    Yep! Age of a domain is a factor. But, if its not showing up, it could be because its too new.


  42. pankaj garg says:

    my website http://www.resultonline.in is not coming in the google search please help me give me suggestions

  43. Ayan says:

    this particular post http://dreamtodeff.com/top-10-best-smartphones-below-6000/ was getting indexed on the first page but last month since i activated Yoast SEO plugin most of my posts were not getting indexed, so i deactivated the plugin and resubmitted Google XML sitemap after that i updated this post, it got indexed and was appearing on the second page but due to some reason it is not appearing again can u help??

  44. Charlie says:

    Hey Ayan,

    If you have a second create an account and post your question in the SEO forum. That way we can track the conversation better.

    Link: https://www.seomechanic.com/forums/


  45. Jeffy says:

    I am new to SEO and trying my best to understand with my small business(service). I constantly see people having issues with scam reviews or something of the sorts. I was trying to find ways around using google places or such. Maybe you can ease my mind to dive in.
    Also I hear a lot in creating blogs to stay relevant with new material to rank higher. Is this the only way of doing so? Someone I talked to said what Google is really looking at is being listed and fresh new content. Is this the best way to look at SEO?
    Like I said I have been reading a lot and trying to catch on, but make the right moves.

  46. Now this is what i was looking for! Thanks for the article.

  47. Thanks for sharing a useful information.

  48. Charlie Rose says:

    Hey Guys,

    Thanks for leaving a message!


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    thanks, keep sharing like this, vert useful information

  50. To be honest, this is the best content to get better SERP on Google. Thanks a lot for sharing this content to me.

  51. Lora says:

    My website has been recently created as a mobile version, about 3 month ago. Prior to that it was only a regular website not mobile friendly. After the update, about a month ago I search for the words that are in my home page title. Period underwear | Period Panties | Menstrual
    My company is Pantiepads, and we produce period underwear. A few weeks ago when we indexed it I searched for Period Panties or period underwear and would see my page on google page 6 or 9. Now it’s completely not showing up at all when I search for those words.
    Please help.
    How do I get my page to show up again?

  52. Charlie Rose says:

    Hey Lora, We would need to analyze your current site and traffic to make that determination. If you are interested in learning more please feel free to contact me here. Hope all is well! – Charlie

  53. yoonus c says:

    i created a new web site yesterday but google not listing in search result why this happened and what is the solution is it take lot of time for google for that

  54. Charlie Rose says:

    Hey Yoonus, All of that is on a website by website basis. it depends on your target market, location or service and competition. My Small Business SEO Guide is a good first step. – Charlie

  55. Majid says:

    Great Article. Very helpful.

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    I was struggling with a proper SEO audit plan but your free link of SEO audit saved me. Thanks a ton

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  59. Abhinav says:

    One of the websites I am working on is having an issue. It’s home page is not appearing in the search result with the brand name but all other pages are appearing. What can be the reason?

  60. monsoon says:

    i am submitted this site last week to google search console..how many days it take to index my site fully and my site is not comming in serp when am typing my keyword pls help me i am afresher

  61. Charlie Rose says:

    Hey Abhinav, That is more of an issue specific to your site. Did you recently launch the site? – Charlie

  62. Charlie Rose says:

    Hey Guys, It can take up to 3 months to see your site in search results consistently. If you just submitted, your site to search engines, I would give it some more time. – Charlie

  63. Anand says:

    Hi Charlie! First of all thank you for putting up such a great article, the detailing and structure is amazing. I’ve been setting up my website for the past few days, there is a problem that I encountered when I was checking if my website was indexed or not. I’ve entered both my URLs(w/ www.* & plain), submitted my sitemaps for both of them too but still it zero indexed in Search Console and cannot see my website even for my website name. One more question I need to ask is, do social media posts act backlings? Your help would be really appreciated.

  64. Charlie Rose says:

    Hey Anard, how long has your site been on the internet? – thanks, Charlie

  65. Rahul says:

    Thank you for your content. I have done everything for one of my website but my problem is bit different. I am not getting rank in my computer but when I ask my friend to check from there and they get all ranking. What can be the problem?

  66. Charlie Rose says:

    Hey Rahul, Try clearing your cache or searching form an incognito browser. – Charlie

  67. hi, i set up this site FB https://www.facebook.com/reddragonkaratecheshire/ and website http://www.reddragonkarate.co.uk back in Dec and even though its been indexed only the website has a link on page 2, seems like something is blocking it and FB isnt appearing at all. thanks for any advice

  68. Charlie Rose says:

    What are you searching for? – Thanks, Charlie

  69. Anand says:

    Hi Charlie,
    Sorry for responding so late. My website is up for a month now and it is indexed by google(Finally!). But I’m facing some issues lately, my DA is zero, it shows my website has no backlinks even-though there are. Does it take time for backlinks to show up? And do social media shares count as backlinks?

  70. when i search my site “yesvegetables” it is show on google but its rank on 5 to 7 number on 1 st page. whereas i search only domain name of website ” yesvegetables” .

    please help for this. what i do for this .

  71. syed ali says:

    thanks very helpful article

  72. Can you guide me why my one site not visible in Google.com on main two competitive keywords.

  73. Sobuj tomal says:

    I have same problem. What’s I do now???!

  74. Charlie Rose says:

    How long has your site been online?

  75. every time my website is visible in page 8 and its going to invisible half or one hour so what is its reason please guide me and show me the way to visible my website please

  76. Helen says:

    I moved my website from http to https in mid of Feb 2017; the ranking of some keywords recovered within two months but from last week, my website showing abnormal behavior. All keywords rank were dropped and went out of 100/200, after four days the ranking revert but again it went down after 3 days. I am unable to understand why this has been happening with me. I received no penalty etc from google nor I made any SEO activity.

  77. Charlie Rose says:

    Hey Helen, It should bounce back after your site is updated through the search index. While securing your site might seem like just adding an extra s to http. It actually is a bigger deal. Don’t give up! – Charlie

  78. Bapi says:

    I think my website is too new. For this cause Google take time to catch On A Blank Page. It’s nothing serious but it’s needs to monitor. Thanks for great post.

  79. jadi says:

    what about new sites how long it take to appear with brand name in search result ?

  80. Alex&Ivy says:

    Are there any sites that let you know if your site is being indexed for a particular keyword? Thanks!

  81. Charlie Rose says:

    Hey Guys, You could try SEMRush and AuthorityLabs. They are both great for keyword rank tracking. If you have any questions let me know!

  82. chris says:

    i have done the steps above but my site is not showing on google. only the home page does.

  83. Charlie Rose says:

    Hey Chris, how old is your website? – Charlie

  84. Ataul Ghani says:

    Hey, Suddenly google search not showing ratings for my blog. I didn’t change anything on website. Can you tell me why this is happening?


  85. Henry says:

    How much time a new site take to appear in search engine.

  86. Charlie Rose says:

    Depends on your market an the search term you are trying to rank for. In general your site should be indexed quickly but it takes time for search engines to assign a 1 to 1 association in regards to specific search terms.

  87. eDataEntry says:

    Nice & useful post. My website is not penalized by google, but had not renewed my web hosting for few months. Now my website is hosted and it has many backlinks but still it doesn’t show on my google webmaster account. Any Idea about this issue?

  88. Alvin says:

    Good day Charlie, your article has helped clear lots of my doubts. Wonderful information shared.

    I’ve followed your guidelines in identifying why is my website not being indexed by the search engine (mainly Google) but last I checked my website wasn’t penalised or anything as it is still very new.

    Is it because my domain was used by some other parties who abused it before me as I found multiple spam-looking keywords when I registered for Google Search Console.

  89. Charlie Rose says:

    Its possible that is the issues. Its hard to say without doing an audit of your site. check out this post on tips for doing an SEO audit for free.

  90. Charlie Rose says:

    Thanks for stopping by! Check out this post on tips for doing an SEO audit for free.

  91. Aman says:

    Hello Charlie,
    Hope you are Good.
    My website age is 4 years but from last 2 months, it is not showing on Google SERP. I’ve done website audit. But no errors found. http://www.smac.us/ . Can you help me what’s the problem.
    Thanks a lot Charlie.

  92. Charlie Rose says:

    Looks like you do a lot of affiliate marketing. You probably got hit by the Fred Update. you can read more about it here: https://www.seomechanic.com/google-fred-algorithm-update/

  93. Mao says:

    Hi Charlie,

    Thanks for the detailed article. I have done most of the stuff possible from an SEO perspective but you still couldn’t find my site on Google…According to webmaster 38/45 have been indexed. I have this website for two months now and have over 20 posts. What am I doing wrong?

  94. Charlie Rose says:

    Hey Mao, Thats still a relatively new site in terms of the internet. Have you set up social media profiles for your new website? – Charlie

  95. AMIT says:


  96. Sheikh says:

    Hi Charlie,

    Thanks for the detailed article.

    I think targeted traffic is what we need to grow business so even if website is showing from non sale oriented keywords it’s not going to help alot.

  97. Emma says:

    Hey! My website homepage is not showing in google search but other pages are showing. What’s the reason

  98. Charlie Rose says:

    How long has your site been online?

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    sir,two days before i just changed my blog url,
    1.before changed url is showed on google search engine
    2.but when i change my blog name , my new blog is not showed in Google search engine.
    3.i am giving sitemaps also and they are indexed yesterday
    4.but still my blog is not showed on google search engine

  100. Anthony says:

    Dear SEO Mechanic,
    I had worked on a client’s website and it disappeared from Google, but finally it performed well on coming back. I think sometimes Google is re-organizing how they can serve the pages better.

    Thanks for the insight.


  101. Charlie Rose says:

    How long has your website been online?

  102. Ramaraju says:

    before changed domain is 10 to 12 days,after change domain is 4 days in online,
    but when my first domain is indexed in search console it immediately showes my blog in Google search engine,
    but my changed domain is also indexed yesterday,but it doesn’t.
    Sir I don’t know english very well, if i did any mistake sory for that

  103. Akash Mishra says:

    I have created a website,
    It has gone a month, but none of my web pages are indexed by Google. But my other websites are indexed in it.
    Can you Please Suggest a way so, my website get indexed in Google and other search engines.

  104. Charlie Rose says:

    Hey Akash, It could be a number of factors. If you have time sign up for our SEO forum and post more details. Link: https://www.seomechanic.com/signup/

  105. Michael Angelo Mercado says:

    Hello Mr. Charlie,

    I have some question regarding navigating my own website.
    Why my website having this kind of data even if it’s not included when I creating the website. My problem is at the lower portion, it is placed when you open a google and search that particular website. What should I do? But when I tried open it and search to the other website it appears the right url. Can you help me?? Thank you.

    Coed Cherry · Galleries · Newest · Popular · Random · Models · A – Z · Newest · Popular · Find Models · Random · Sites · A – Z · Random · Galleries · Models …

  106. Charlie Rose says:

    Hey, It could be a number of factors. If you have time sign up for our SEO forum and post more details. Link: https://www.seomechanic.com/register/

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    Sir I am crying. ..
    I was hard working my site in 2 years but results is 0 please help me my site is djhome.in don’t come in search any keywords

  109. Adam Smith says:

    Hello Mr. Charlie,
    Great Post!!!Thanks for sharing the post. I am suffering from issue related to my website. I have a website, In my website 2 landing page are not crawled in Google. I have submitted it through webmaster and also manually by Google but web pages are not crawled. The landing pages url are:-
    Please let me know what is the problem. I am waiting for your response.

  110. Charlie Rose says:

    Hey Gagan, Great SEO question! It could be a number of factors. If you have time sign up for our SEO forum and post more details. Link: https://www.seomechanic.com/register/. We can also track the conversation better.

  111. Charlie Rose says:

    Hey Adam, Great SEO question! It could be a number of factors. If you have time sign up for our SEO forum and post more details. Link: https://www.seomechanic.com/register/. We can also track the conversation better.

  112. Akash Mishra says:

    Thanks for sharing link,
    I will definitely sign up..
    Thanks again

  113. Jason says:

    Hi, Nice post but could you help me with my issue please? My website got hit by Penguin 2.0 in 2013 and a disavow file was submitted but the site never recovered, anyway, now we do get loads of traffic from long tail keywords but nothing from the main ones. In fact the homepage never shows up in search results for our main keywords. However, if I change content on the homepage, it starts showing up at position 70-80 but only lasts for a few hrs and then vanishes again.

    Is the penalty still going on?

  114. Charlie Rose says:

    Thats a tough one for sure! If you have time sign up for our SEO forum and post more details. Link: https://www.seomechanic.com/register/. We can also track the conversation better.

  115. farooq says:

    Hi Charlie,
    Thank you for your post, I look for such article along time, today i find it finally. this post give me lots of advise it is very useful for me…!

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  117. kanth says:

    hello sir, i read the entire article ,keyword placing, meta tags,site audit, but my question is my keywords are not indexed in google.what can i do ? my website is http://recruitmentsalert.com

  118. Charlie Rose says:

    Thats a tough one for sure! If you have time sign up for our SEO forum and post more details. Link: https://www.seomechanic.com/register/. We can also track the conversation better.

  119. Charlie Rose says:

    If you have time sign up for our SEO forum and post more details. Link: https://www.seomechanic.com/register/. We can also track the conversation better.

  120. Tofunmi says:

    My site ranking in the results has been degraded. I can’t find my website on first 2 serp. Please amI need help.

  121. Charlie Rose says:

    If you have time sign up for our SEO forum and post more details. Link: https://www.seomechanic.com/register/. We can also track the conversation better.

  122. Malcom says:

    I have a couple of sites i manage and they are doing just fine. But this particular one http://globalsteroidsale.com/ i don’t just know what the problem is. It is index in wmt but no keyword seems to rank even in 100serp lol.

  123. Charlie Rose says:

    If you have time sign up for our SEO forum and post more details. Link: https://www.seomechanic.com/register/. We can also track the conversation better.

  124. Pawan Negi says:

    When I search my website in google it shows up but not in first place. How i show my website in the first place when i search it?

  125. Charlie Rose says:

    If you have time sign up for our SEO forum and post more details. Link: https://www.seomechanic.com/register/. We can also track the conversation better.

  126. Claudia says:

    Really informative. Cheers. I found it useful and followed some of the tips too.

  127. Charlie Rose says:

    Hey Claudia, thanks for taking the time to read the article and leave a comment! I hope the information helps your site rank higher!

  128. Jeet says:

    Hey Suddenly Google Has Deindexed My All Site For No Reason There Is No Any Msg In Webmaster Tools Please Help Me To Getting My Website Reindexed My Website Is http://www.Downloadkaraokemusics.com Please Help

  129. Charlie Rose says:

    If you have time sign up for our SEO forum and post more details. Link: https://www.seomechanic.com/register/. We can also track the conversation better.

  130. kumar says:

    Hi charlie , your post is amazing well typed . My blog is 15 days old. when ever i type my blog name in google its shows only my oldest post. so is there any way to index my newer post as soon as possible , your post is amazing well typed.

  131. Hi Charley,

    I’m very new at really going all out to learn how to get my website rankings at the top of Google but I really want to master the art of this.

    Where can I go to learn all that is needed to get at the top of Search engine optimization, Rankings and Indexing?

    James Blackwell

  132. Charlie Rose says:

    Hey James! If you have time sign up for our SEO forum and ask more detailed questions. Link: https://www.seomechanic.com/register/. We can also track the conversation better.

  133. Rakib says:

    Hey Charlie,

    Thanks for your good suggestion. When I submitted my web link on: “http://www.google.com/addurl/” this box, after 30 minutes later I saw my site on Google result page for my 2 targeted keywords. But after 10 hours later my site again vanished from search result. I optimized my all pages by using my targeted keywords. Can you please help me how can make it visible again?
    Note that; my site is visible for other keyword that is not my targeted.


  134. Charlie Rose says:

    Sometimes you get a short lived bump. But you won’t hold the position unless your site has the authority to do so. Then you go through the slow crawl of moving up up from the bottom. But its a good sign that you were indexed. Also, if you have time sign up for our SEO forum and ask more detailed questions. Link: https://www.seomechanic.com/register/.

  135. Rakib says:

    Thanks Charlie!

  136. adnan javeed says:

    My website was one month old. I did many backlinks. but still it was not showing any backlinks .. when i did SEO audit. please suggest me.

  137. Hardik Patel says:

    Really helpful contain .

  138. hope says:

    Its very useful message about google not indexing…My website has http://hopechennai.com same prob. But it has cache five days back..but still not getting results in page. Its showing nothing.

  139. Charlie Rose says:

    How long has your site been online?

  140. I have my website which is my name itself http://www.nainatahilramani.com but when I search “naina tahilramani” on google the website shows up on 3rd position in the 2nd page 🙁 I have registered with googlemybusiness stillI see no improvement.

  141. Charlie Rose says:

    If your site is new, or you recently started optimizing it then give it time. SEO is a marathon and not a sprint :o)!

  142. Fabian Wiz says:

    How long does it normally take to see your site ranking and show back-links when the site is extremely new

  143. Charlie Rose says:

    Great question! It can take weeks and months to see traction on new sites with no history.

  144. Fabian Wiz says:

    Thanks Charlie, I am kinda new at SEO and a have created this site https://djbeps07.wixsite.com/bongsundera100 like 3 weeks now and i cannot see any links for it. This site even disappeared from google. I am kinda worried

  145. ANAND says:

    I indexed my site. But I can’t see my site in search results.

  146. Charlie Rose says:

    How new is your site and how long ago did you index it?

  147. Fabian Wiz says:

    Question, I recently updated this site http://coolgadgetstobuy1.blogstop.com/ which was ranked 4th page in google however since i updated it and created more links, it disappeared . Whats going on?

  148. Is this site for experts or am i missing an information page somewhere? screaming frog, i downloaded and ran it but i can’t find any info here on what to do with the information or how to fix things that are wrong.

  149. Charlie Rose says:

    Hey Michael,

    Screaming Frog is a great tool but it has a learning curve. Feel free to post a question on Screaming Frog on our forum. You can register for free here: https://www.seomechanic.com/register/

    Post question on this thread: https://www.seomechanic.com/forums/forum/ask-seo-questions/


  150. Mike Moraine says:

    Charlie, Great post! Thanks for the helpful information. I was curious – our site https://www.ceo-search.com is not ranking for the keyword “CEO Search” I know this is a competitive keyword, but I would have thought that it would at least show up in search results. I get nothing even when I type in the full URL in Google. Any ideas? The website is a few months old. Thanks for the help!

  151. Charlie Rose says:

    Hey Mike, How long has your site been online?

  152. Emman says:

    I am trying to rank my first site. http://www.luxuryrealestatebrokercalifornia.com
    It has about 300 pages but after two weeks , only 3 pages are indexed.

    Is that long to indexed a page?


  153. Charlie Rose says:

    Hey Emman,

    That is a competitive industry but also for new sites and domains it can take months to see good indexing. Unfortunately its not instantaneous.


  154. Gaurav says:

    Thanks, This Is really helpful for me

  155. Rakesh says:

    I have created my website last week and published 3 post When I search my website on google.com it does not appear in the search list

  156. SusanElicca says:

    My website took 24 hour from indexted. Its really frustrating for me. I will do these tricks and hope thats my site will be on the tip.

  157. Charlie Rose says:

    No worries! It can take several weeks to see your posts in search results.

  158. Doronize says:

    Try to manual ping search engines when you post new articles or use an auto ping plugin like pushhub to boost search engine crawls on your blog

  159. I’ve been experimenting lately with deep internal linking of my articles published some two years ago, and most especially editing many of them to reflect my current voice on the topic.

    I started doing this on my first blog which I started some four years less 3 months ago, and have take this practice too a new blog I just started recently.

    The results has been nothing short of amazing, bounce rate reduce drastically and from what I observe, search traffic has been improving too.

    I’ll see what I can make out the rest tips you shared in this guide, hopefully I can handle some of them. Really, they’re not basic SEO techniques, these are advance tactics……but I sure get some muscles too…

    Thanks for always leaving nothing out, you’re kind of big deal really.

  160. Umair says:

    I entered many keywords unique but does not show any organic keywords. Please suggest what to do.


  161. Thanks For Sharing Such a useful information

  162. I suggest you remove your site on the google then you submit it again. Think this simple me method will work for your.
    I once had that issue and i did the same and it worked right away.

  163. Charlie Rose says:

    Nice insight Kombo. Depending on the severity and size of the site this can help. Either way once you remediate the spam issue your ranking will improve in Google and other search engines. It’s during the infection period when you are going to be removed.

  164. Very Helpful Article. But the problem is my website is showing in google search but all the new pages i am making like sub pages or different pages and after i make i submit to google and i fetch as google then i request indexing but after some time when i search in google i can not find my page listed there and it shows error. Can someone help me in fixing the issue ?

    Looking forward for kind support.

  165. Charlie Rose says:

    If the pages were recently published or targeting similar keywords it might not show them right away. How long ago did you create the pages?

  166. Chris says:

    Non of these seems to apply to me. I have used google webmasters tool to fetch the site (including internal pages) and requested for index. Only the homepage (which was indexed when the domain was parked) is showing on google search and it is still showing “this domain is parked by godaddy…”

    The site URL is https://www.teeground.com

    Do you have any idea why this might be so?


  167. Charlie Rose says:

    How long ago did you launch your site?

  168. Chris says:

    That should be about 2 weeks ago.

    I noticed something interesting though; when I search the site with the query I normally use (which is teeground.com) the old result shows up, but when I search the full URL or use site: operator, the site shows up with the correct title tag and meta description, along with other pages that have been index.

    It seems Google is caching their SERP with regards to search queries, and this could also mean that it takes a long time for them to purge their cache and update with the correct data.

  169. Charlie Rose says:

    Yes it can take some time. Especially with new websites or one’s with very low authority. From a consumer standpoint the internet is instantaneous. But from the business side it can be very slow. Check out this blog post on how Google’s Algorithm works. It’s a light read.

  170. Aman says:

    My website is having good number of backlink but not coming in 1st page, check https://graduatedigital.com with keyword graduate digital or graduatedigital.

    With this keywords its not coming in 1st page. Please help.
    Amit Kumar

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  172. Ezekwe Emmanuel says:

    Thanks . helped. U can check it out on my site

  173. Arjun says:

    I’m facing a problem with ranking! I have done all on page activities. I am actually focusing on 10 keywords. But none of my keywords is not yet listed.
    website URL: https://www.officekithr.com/index.html
    please help me to rank at least in googles 3rd or 4th page.

  174. Charlie Rose says:

    Hey Arjun, you might want to start with one keyword vs. then.

  175. […] typically think of Google as a search engine for websites. But its algorithm is used to find and sort relevant information from a variety of content sources […]

  176. It’s always a little spooky when your site isn’t showing up in Google… but as long as you haven’t been “misbehaving” then you really have nothing to worry about. 🙂

  177. High my domain is DA 36 PA 46. Sometimes I publish some get indexed and ranks via direct keyword while other articles dont rank via direct keyword even when indexed with low quality sites making the list. Am frustrated.

  178. Devender says:

    I had a decent traffic to my website. Suddenly it has fallen to zero. I did everything, but no use. what should I do, It’s been 4 months.
    My website is https://www.about90.com

  179. Greg Haxton says:

    My problem with google is that it is displaying all other countries with my company name before mine. Do a google search for “golfbox”, see how far you have to search until you come up with the 20 year old domain golfbox.com. The only way I can get in search results is with paid ads. Have been told by SEO people they have never seen anything like it.

  180. Charlie Rose says:

    Hey Greg thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! This looks to be a complicated situation. If you are interested shoot me a message through the contact form here.

  181. deepa says:

    Thanks for sharing this informative post I am really worried about how to index my website.

  182. Leks says:

    Thanks Mr. Charlie.
    I read your article and all the comments, they are eye opening.
    My blog is still fairly new so I guess patience is key.

  183. Charlie Rose says:

    Yes patience and persistence!

  184. […] name suggests, this is nothing more than the words and phrases that people will use to (hopefully) find your website in the search […]

  185. nick says:

    thanks for the help,at first i couldnt find my site on any search engine until i read this post….also the comments were very helpful.God bless.

  186. Charlie Rose says:

    Hey Nick glad this information was helpful for your website!

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    ( https://www.schoolplusapp.com) Thank you

  188. Anthony says:

    Hello Author,

    I think this article is very important and is helping me in my websites. I hope to apply this for some of my client’s websites that are currently not showing on Google.

  189. Hi Charlie,

    Really helpful post. My site is now indexed (I still have some SEO work to do) but my CSE fails to pick up many of the hits. Any idea what is going wrong?


  190. Charlie Rose says:

    Hey Andrew, How long has your site been online and how long have you been actively optimizing it?

  191. Flower City says:

    Hey charlie can you help me out? My website http://www.flowercityonline.com is indexed in google but when i search with particular keyword it’s not showing. why?

  192. Arjun says:

    Yeah, Thanks.

  193. Charlie Rose says:

    Hey guys, how long has your site been online?

  194. Ishaq Hassan says:

    How to increase a traffic on new website

  195. asad rehman says:

    Hi Charlie, Your website was on top against my question so I read your whole post .I found it very convenient but I have no such issue I mean I have a website its good one very professional and I applied Good SEO strategies but my keyword is not ranking on google not even slight improvement against my organic SEO. So if you can see my website for yourself what I am missing that would be a good favor for me. I am mentioning my website and the keyword here don’t worry I am not spamming my URL I just seeking for help you can check by yourself.
    Here is link and keyword
    Keyword: bmi calculator

  196. Charlie Rose says:

    Hey Assad, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! How long has your website been online?

  197. Habeeb says:

    Pls i created a blog BeingAlert.blogspot.com but even if i enter my url in google. Its nowhere to be found

  198. Charlie Rose says:

    Hey Habeeb, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! How long has your website been online?

  199. It’s really an informative and well described post. I appreciate your topic for blogging.

  200. Mill Ex says:

    Nice Blog. I have just go through it. The references you have given are really very helpful. Thanks for this wonderful blog.

  201. A couple of months, and a couple of weeks respectively.

    This forum seems to strip out website addresses, however searching “site:ncl-mon.nhs.uk minutes” yields many more hits than the CSE. The CSE code is 003056909452703581833:pofpqrwrutm

  202. mark jame says:

    my website first i can see my website on google but after few day my website is not showing

  203. Charlie Rose says:

    How long has it been online?

  204. Charlie Rose says:

    Give it at least two months if its a fresh business and domain name. It takes time for Google to crawl and index a site and then assign pages to specific search indexes. How many pages does your site have?

  205. Thanks. It has four ‘pages’, but our WordPress template has ‘FAQ’ and ‘Documentation’ which look like pages when you browse. We have lots of files in our File Manager that we hyperlink to from various pages.
    How it is possible for “site:ncl-mon.nhs.uk minutes” yields many more hits than the CSE? Surely it is doing the same thing?

  206. Charlie Rose says:

    Hey Andrew, Please share your domain name again. Or confirm your site is: ncl-mon.nhs.uk This thread is getting a bit confusing.

  207. Hi Charlie, apologies for the confusion. Our site is http://www.ncl-mon.nhs.uk

  208. shaktibrosis says:

    hello sir …
    i complete on page off page and keyword selection but my web site doesnot come in google search”www.voteforpoll.com”
    so plz give correct way for grow up ranking

  209. Ansh says:

    Hello Sir This is my new blog I know nothing about it how to make this visible to the search engines how many posts should i need and How can i apply for adsense Anshelper.blogspot.in this is my blog You can go there and tell me please what to do next pleaseeeeeeeeeee Sir

  210. Harsh Kumar says:

    If your blog is on WordPress, then you must use the Yoast SEO plugin for maintaining SEO of your site. Yoast SEO is the best and easiest plugin to get started with SEO.

  211. I see my website homepage when i use site:domain keyword in search but recently my homepage doesnt show in search engines even i put the url in search engines with this keyword
    site:openloadmovie.co and https://openloadmovie.co
    all url is working fine except homepage.

  212. kamal deep says:

    Great Blog.It is very useful.Thanks….

  213. My business partner’s wix website suddenly stopped showing in Google searches a couple weeks ago. We did a SEO on wix and were informed that indexing was successful. It also shows now using command “site:www.bettyfox.net”

    Is there still a delay until Google search again lists it? It still doesn’t show up.

  214. Charlie Rose says:

    yes it can take weeks to get indexed and if the site is really large it can take months. Sit tight!

  215. Natalie King says:

    Nice article on how to monitor our website’s outreach performance. I personally use Mondovo which provides more tool & useful features than any big competitor in SEO industry. I use it as a Backlink Checking tool, but you can also use it for On-Page Analysis, Keyword Research and Competitor Research, I’d definitely recommend over the more famous SEO tools out there.

  216. It just returned to the search results. Thanks!! But wondering how/why it dropped off to begin with. Any thoughts?

  217. geek says:

    very nice information…
    thanks for sharing a valuable information….

  218. Yogen says:

    My website http://www.questionreply.com began showing in google search page just with in a week. Everything is working fine except duplicate pages. I have several internal duplicate pages. I am afraid my rinking will degrade .

  219. Nice post..
    It actually helps me a lot…
    Nice work…

  220. Hi Charlie,
    I was bothering you a couple of months ago but my issues still has not resolved. Do you have any idea why google search restricted by site “site:ncl-mon.nhs.uk” picks up everything in my website (therefore Google has indexed our site), however my CSE misses nearly everything?
    A worked example is 6 hits if you google for “site:ncl-mon.nhs.uk degludec” but 0 hits if you type “degludec” into our CSE https://cse.google.com/cse/publicurl?cx=003056909452703581833:pofpqrwrutm

    Does this seem odd to you?

  221. devendra kumar says:

    nice information

    yes it can take weeks to get indexed and if the site is really large it can take months. my website- http://www.moviecollection.in

  222. Annita says:

    Hello Charlie,

    Thank you for the this extremely informative post. I’m new to off-page SEO and I’ve been trying for the past months to rank the site I’m working for http://www.hostelbay.com but I find it extremely difficult. I’ve tried several techniques and keywords, though I’m starting to believe that if the industry is very competitive then it is very unlikely to manage and get it to the first page. Please advise on how to win the competition. We’ve also created an exclusive product and still it is very hard to bring it first. I really feel frustrated with this situation :/

  223. Joe Ngo says:

    My key word ” eyewear photography” position 3-4.
    Today it gone from google search, I do not know what happened.

  224. dg catalog says:

    every page must have just 1 h1 tag ?
    please answer me..

  225. Charlie Rose says:

    Yep that is ideal.

  226. zomorodgasht says:

    my web site still disappears some times from google result in some KEYWORDS. not all of the keywords, just disappears for some keywords with too much requested or high trends that day.
    is this a normal thing?
    thanks for help

  227. Sasan Salem says:

    Tnx. its very usefult.

  228. Charlie Rose says:

    How long has your website been online?

  229. Charlie Rose says:

    Thanks for leaving a comment!

  230. […] your online presence has fallen behind the competition, here are five strategies to implement in the near […]

  231. Charlie Rose says:

    Give it some more time. SEO is a loooong term goal. Its hard to see short term (substantial) gains on new websites.

  232. Ashray says:

    You nailed it Charlie..One of the Best Article i ever red b4. Keep it up..Waiting for your new blog post dear.
    From – Ash SEO Expert

  233. Shounak says:

    I’m facing with two of my sites. My site is indexed, yet it doesn’t show up on SERPs on typing the keyword. SEO is optimized and all the things are done. What might be the issue?

  234. Charlie Rose says:

    How long has the site been online?

  235. Mario says:

    Very nice post.
    I have a new blog. And less than 3 day , a lot of my post is indexed by google.
    But, why, my sitemap is still pending in webmaster tools?
    Please answer.

  236. Charlie Rose says:

    Hey Mario,

    it takes time for them to process everything. Its not instantaneous. Hope this tip helps your SEO!

  237. EtsyTeleMart says:

    Thanks For Sharing interesting info…

  238. Gabriel says:

    Good day,
    Please i have Post up to three recent post on my blog and none is showing on Google search engine, please what can I do.

    The blogs url is https://myschoolinfo.com.ng

  239. Dan Buksh says:

    I have done everything I can to rank my site on google. Even though my site is doing great on yahoo and bing, however, it still isn’t ranking on Google. The site is indexed but not yet ranking its been there for now like 2 and a half month. The site is https://www.flightstostockholm.co.uk , please have look if you can.

  240. Charlie Rose says:

    Hey Dan, If you are interested feel free to drop me a line via our contact form. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! ~ Charlie

  241. Tunde says:

    thanks! Its useful

  242. Esa says:

    Good Article. . Thanks for sharing. . Apart from above points, irrelevant rel=”canonical” tag also affecting the website indexation and ranking. Any suggestions?

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  245. Les says:

    So, it seems I need to go to University just to get a damn page up. Porn sites seem to have no problems getting indexed, or seen. Seems google has it’s priorities all messed up. Weeks to index a new site ? When I submitted my website, it was there 15 min later. Mind you, it’s not shown up in google search since. And why is it indexed in 3 other search engines if it’s so bad?, and ranked No. 4 ?. And how come I always have a different page show in google search, anything but the INDEX. Just a few Questions.

  246. Charlie Rose says:

    Google takes longer and has more requirements than other search engines. A lot of SEO is based on trust which is fostered over time (not just content). ~ Charlie

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    Your article is great but a facing other problem in my website.

    As per everyone knows, new google update Maccabees come. After our website going to Google Omitted Results. Before this update, we are rank in Google 1st page with most of the keywords.

    Please help me how to get back in Google search results.

    Looking forward to your reply.

  249. Aval Patel says:


    Your article is great but a facing other problem in my website.

    As per everyone knows, new google update Maccabees come. After our website going to Google Omitted Results. Before this update, we are rank in Google 1st page with most of the keywords.

    Looking forward to your reply.

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  251. Ali says:

    Very useful! Thank you.

  252. Van Nguyen says:

    My web 1 month old.
    It has been indexed 50% of my sitemap.
    But I did not see the links appear on google search.

  253. Really, Superb post.
    I got too many issues after ready this whole article for my own website and get extraordinary knowledge from it.

    Keep it up…..

  254. Hi, Charlie.
    I am Working on E-commerce Site, It Has 80,000 Page and from them, 10000 are indexed and other are crawled but not indexing. Why?

  255. Hi sir
    How are you ? I read you post, it is amazing.I have also site but not show in Google search page, please check it if possible and tell me what is issue.

  256. Charlie Rose says:

    It could be because they think the content is duplicate or not valuable enough to include. Thats a big site so there could be 100s of different factors. ~ Charlie

  257. Charlie Rose says:

    Hey Van, Thats super new in terms of the web. Give it more time. I also recommend checking out my latest guide: https://www.seomechanic.com/book/24-hour-seo-strategy-guide/

    ~ Charlie

  258. Charlie Rose says:

    I also recommend checking out my latest guide: https://www.seomechanic.com/book/24-hour-seo-strategy-guide/

  259. brijesh says:

    HI i am new in blogging and i want to do seo of my website favinr.com but my site is not become visible in search engine i submited to webmaster tool bing tool plz help me what i do .

  260. Charlie Rose says:

    How long has your site been online?

  261. Alex says:

    My site (http://www.lazyladx.com/) is pretty new around 2-3 months old, but the content is comparatively more and I am getting a good amount of traffic through Facebook with the help of influencers. I knew that search traffic will be pretty low as the content is not related to search queries, but I never expected that it will be almost 0%. Few of my links appear in the search result but only if it already had more than 5K views and even that on page 2 of Google. I have already implemented most of the tips mentioned here. I guess just have to wait for more time.
    That being said, Just wanted to know what should be the next course of action to increase search traffic and appear higher in search result?

  262. Charlie Rose says:

    Hey Alex, Just keep publishing relevant content, building backlinks and targeting specific keywords. But in the beginning waiting is a big part of the SEO process. ~ Charlie

  263. Álvaro says:

    My problem in my site is that some times i try to rank pages with new article on google and do not work …I mean,the new articles do not appear on google search engine crawling.

    I don’t know what happens because the URL is indexed by google. I can find the pages ranked on Bing and Yahoo search Engine , but not on Google. Can you help me about the matter?

    My site has been online for 2 years.

    Very useful post. Thank You !

  264. Charlie Rose says:

    Thanks for the comment! Is your issue with really new content or old content as well? ~ Charlie

  265. Hello Charlie Rose bro.
    I’m confused on my blogger site. I created a blogger site. My blogger site is not working properly in google, I have researched my keyword and chosen low comparative kw. I have also submitted in webmaster tools, analysis, generated sitemap for my blogger site with google website.
    my site tropics are about bangla poems related. I’m new at blog.
    Oh Yea!
    You can visit and check my blogger site.
    I have a one question. Can I optimized my blogger site with paid sites?
    I hope you would be kind enough helped me.
    Thanks for reading
    Note: This is my first comment without social site. You’re really luck. Ha Ha Ha

  266. oh Sorry.
    Can I do my blogger site optimized and get top rank by competing with paid site?

  267. Charlie Rose says:

    Thanks for leaving a comment! How long has your site / blog been online? ~ Charlie

  268. oh late, because
    I didn’t get any notification when you replied my answer’.
    Okay no problem bro.
    Created before 10 days but google has been submitted 5 days ago.

  269. Poppy says:

    thanks for the info. great site and information.

  270. My problem is ONLY with Google. My site is indexed with Google and has been for 15 years now. A couple of years ago Google decided my website’s homepage was worthless. For many years I ranked in the top 10 for the search term “St Croix” on Google. I currently rank in the top ten for my main keyword, “St. Croix” on every other search engine. On Google, my home page doesn’t even come up in the top 500 results for St Croix, and that’s what the whole website is about!

  271. Charlie Rose says:

    Hey Kent! Thanks for the comment. Sounds like you have a penalty buried somewhere with Google. It could be form a bad link profile or outbound links on the site. When did this first happen? ~ Charlie

  272. kunal tuli says:

    Hi, My website url is:

    my website is not showing on google search results. please help me.

  273. John Sloane says:

    Good article.
    I think I have a problem and it is that my website on TrafficTravis shows 100’s of website backlinks from one competitor who incorporated my domain name by simply adding a “my” in front of it.
    All other tests are fine so this is all I can think of. Change articles daily and so on.
    Can this be the issue although all those backlinks do not show at Google only at TrafficTravis.

  274. sourav says:

    Thanks, it was very helpful.

  275. Karan says:

    Great post, do really Google sandbox exist or it is just mythological concept??

  276. Charlie Rose says:

    I would say it does exist but its more part of the process and less of a literal place.

  277. thanks very helpful article

  278. Raveen says:

    Hi sir,
    your post is very knowledgeable.
    I have the same problem with my site, my older post was instantly approved but from the few days, my new blog post is not showing on the Google. and show partial in my webmaster tool.

    The blog post which are not appears in the Google

  279. Charlie Rose says:

    Hey Raveen,

    Give it some more time to index.


  280. Vlad says:

    Hi Charlie.

    Thank you very much your thorough post. This is very useful info to me.

    However, have you had the experience where you’ve got a page that ranks on the 1st page for some queries and it suddenly disappears – and say you change some letter casings in your query and it appears again?

    Today I searched from several computers, with different profiles, and with/without incognito on, and from some of them the result would not appear at all and on some it was 2nd or 3rd.

    Like I said, it was from incognito as well, and sometimes only the letter casing for the exact same query mattered.

    Do you have any info on this?

    Looking forward to hearing your input!

    Best regards!

  281. Charlie Rose says:

    Hey Vlad, Was it a new page that you published? ~ Charlie

  282. This is a very useful website. This article is really helpful. Thank you so much for sharing this great knowledge.

  283. MS Bhatti says:

    I just create a website about two days old and have one post only. I submitted sitemap through Search Console but still can’t see my website in Google search. Is that normal?

  284. Charlie Rose says:

    Yes totally normal. It can take up to 8 weeks to start seeing traction in search engines. ~ Charlie

  285. Rahul kandal says:

    thanks for the info sir i am really intrested in buying your 24 hrs seo guide.

  286. Vlad says:


    Thanks for getting back to me.

    No it was not. Some pages go as far as 2014.

    It does not happen with only one page, but multiple. The blog has about 800 posts with 1000+ words each.

    Best Regards,

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  288. Very helpful post one of my fashion and lifestyle blog is not showing up on SERP. I am so worried but now I fixed it. Thank you.

  289. Srikanth says:

    Nice blog, many people wonder why suddenly their website went out of Google, I think you gave answer from every angle which can help beginners. Thanks

  290. Srikanth says:

    Try to add more content pages with related keywords, not too competitive though. As Charle wrote in this post, competition also a major factor to think while preparing keywords.

  291. Abu Zafor says:

    It was really helpful reading. I am Struggling such issue with my new website which is 3 weeks old. Now I realize It’s not appearing on the google search using keyword because of “Brand New Website”. It would be great if you take a look of my website and do a quick review in one sentence.


  292. Charlie Rose says:

    Hey Abu, It takes search engines a bit of time in the beginning to analyze and index your site. Give it some time and keep writing content. ~ Charlie

  293. Alexander says:

    Hi Charlie,

    That’s really an interesting article that perfectly indicating the important ranking factors that needs to be focused if the website is not ranking on Google. I really appreciate your efforts for writing such a great and interesting article for audience to help hem rank their website on Google.

  294. Maya says:

    hey Charlie,

    i am working on a wordpress theme. Did a lot of off page work with target keywords blogging etc but URL is not ranked with that target keywords except that one “car classified theme” only.
    my other target keywords in which my URL haven’t appear in search results from the beginning e.g
    “Automotive WordPress Theme”
    “Car Dealer Theme”
    when i add “classified” with target keyword they appear on top 2 3 positions in google
    “Automotive Classified WordPress Theme” which is actually not a keyword, have no searches
    what could be the reason????
    i hope you understand my problem

    can you please checkout my Url, its content and specify the main reason.? it will be a great support from you sir
    will be thankful!

  295. laurent says:

    Good Evening,
    After I added Google Adwords, My Business etc…, When I type
    in my website name in the Google search engine i don not see
    my website link there any more I only see the google my business
    ad and have to type out my website in the browser to go to my website.
    Can you kindly advise the reason for this.

  296. Mimi says:

    Hi there. Such a great article. We have been on google for about 2 months with this website and it doesn’t seem we have started getting any organic results. We pay for google shopping ads( which does wonders) as well as display ads (which are nice and cheap), and we are in a very competitive market. We were wondering since we are at almost 100 website visits per day, how do we could optimize to get on their organic page? We understand the first page would be pushing it this early, but I think the only way to see our page now is by putting our business name in google or when our ads populate. We would love to know when we will stop paying for every sale we make..

  297. Charlie Rose says:

    Give it time it takes a while to start seeing your website in search results.

  298. Charlie Rose says:

    Sounds like you are making great progress. But give it some more time before worrying too much. just keep making content.

  299. AKASH MISHRA says:

    Dear sir Why my website is not ranking tell me some suggestion please visit and tell me sir, Its my huge request to you. http://www.Halpline.com

  300. Charlie Rose says:

    How long has it been online? ~ Charlie

  301. Maya says:

    please answer my question as well sir

  302. Charlie Rose says:

    It could be for a number of reasons but mostly due to content or age of page. Beef up your on-page content and give it a bit of time. It looks like you are trying to rank a Themeforest page so not sure of how much control you have to make granular changes. ~ Charlie

  303. Maya says:

    yes i am talking about the themeforest link, one of the SEO expert suggest me to change content and remove classified word from it, i did it and change all the content but no results. can you please check it out and suggest any other changes in content as per best practice.
    will be grateful.

  304. Charlie Rose says:

    How long has it been since you made your content updates?

  305. mkhan says:

    Hi Charlie, I have some serious issue on my website..my website is ranking really well, but some of the urls are not ranking for my target keywords, the issue is here, those landing pages are not even in 200 SERP. Can you please help me on this..storat.com is my website. apartment for rent in dubai is my target keyword..this is just a sample..

  306. mkvcinema says:

    dear sir one month ago when i search my website name i got 1st position in google search but now i lost my ranking in google search can you help me to get back my ranking on 1st position

  307. Maya says:

    About a month ago

  308. sehrish says:

    Very helpful suggestions that help in the optimizing website. Thank you for valuable suggestions.

  309. Charlie Rose says:

    Hope these tips help out your site optimization.

  310. storat says:

    Thank you, i fixed my issue.

  311. Raman says:

    Thank you so much such valuable information I am beginner SEO
    I followed your article this work and my website is Rank again thank you so much.

  312. Thanks for this SEO tips, my blog website has a PR 3 but it was a 1month old I don’t know the reason it’s early to PR 3 one of my blog post.

  313. sehrish says:

    I am very grateful for this enlightening article. I am new to this issue, but for me, it elucidated several questions. Congratulations on your knowledge on the subject. Thank you very much.

  314. Charlie Rose says:


  315. Smith says:

    I am Very grateful for this Information .

  316. Joy says:

    I run a blog and one post was ranking very well, and for some reason it got unpublished for three days… after that I have never been able to get it back on page one… i built comment links to it, I added content, refreshed it… nothing seems to work.. any ideas.

  317. Charlie Rose says:

    Glad its helpful for your SEO!

  318. Charlie Rose says:

    How old is the blog post?

  319. Naijapilot says:

    I think SEO is very hard and it’s quite a long term thing….. and yes,I used your audit tool. Love the report.
    Thank you!

  320. Charlie Rose says:

    Great glad it was useful!

  321. Ahmed Bazuhair says:

    After I change the ability of the ProSoccer, my site stops working

  322. Charlie Rose says:

    Hmmm could you provide some more info.

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  325. Deepesh says:

    Good work thanks for information

  326. Charlie Rose says:

    Thanks for stopping by and glad these tips on Google were useful!

  327. Thank you sir it was a great piece of content, but What are some factors that google uses to ban a site my content is copy paste content so is this one of the factor that google uses to penalize my site. and how can we know that is our site banned or penalized by google.

  328. Charlie Rose says:

    Besides being notified by Google, through Search Console, its a bit of an investigation process. The best thing to always focus on is useful and original content.

  329. I have a problem that is somewhat different than you. My site appears in direct search. But in google analytics, I find that visitors come to my site from Facebook only. Not from a search result. Can someone please explain this?

  330. Charlie Rose says:

    How long has your site been online?

  331. Muhammed says:

    Sir. I need to list my keywords in Chinese search engine Baidu. how can I rank it? Can you please help me to find the steps?

  332. mansour says:

    I have a website of 17 years old
    I’ve followed all the points that you and Google have said
    My website is displayed with unique keywords (such as the business brand)
    But with words I do not have a word about my work
    There are also expert reviews in terms of content and keywords and links, but they are still not displayed in Google’s search.
    If possible, please advise
    Thank You

  333. mansour says:

    The website has not been fined

  334. Charlie Rose says:

    Wow thats a tough one. Is your site the one you linked to in the comment field?

  335. sir when i use site:mydomain name then it show but when i search with my domain name only without using.com then it show me only my site social media page. Is my site is submitted or not http://allaboutmoviereview.com/

  336. is my site is under crawl

  337. Charlie Rose says:

    Sounds like your site is relatively new and still being indexed. Has it launched in the last few months?

  338. Charlie Rose says:

    Probably still being crawled. Unless its older than 3 months. Then something is probably wrong. Check out this list of Common SEO Mistakes.


  339. Rameez Ramzan says:

    Hi Charlie,

    Recently, we revamp a new website for my client. My question based on indexing while searching the brand name on the Google, my client site not showing except few old URL’s. I submitted Robots, txt file, sitemap and other essential stuffs so can you guide me what is the reason behind this?


  340. […] Indexing throughout the internet is not universal. Because of technological innovations, they have improved the frequency of their results over the years. However, each site is different. […]

  341. Charlie Rose says:

    When did you launch the site?

  342. Charlie Rose says:

    Glad you found it useful!

  343. Ray Cheselka says:

    Hi Charlie!
    Great article. It’s tough with all of the content out there to make something unique on this topic, but you crushed it.

    I recently wrote a post about a specific case I had with a MIVA website. There was a noindex x-robots-tag at the server level, something I hadn’t seen before. I ended up finding it through Search Console, requesting Googlebot to fetch it.

    I thought you may be willing to add this to the noindex tag section with a note that it could be at the server level to help users experiencing an issue do more research. I walk through some of the things I looked at to identify the issue, and noted my solution.

    If not, you may enjoy the read if you stumble upon this issue in the future. I’ll be keeping an eye out for more of your posts!

    Have a great week!


  344. Charlie Rose says:

    Hey Ray great insight and article. Next time we edit the piece I’ll see what I can do about making it a resource link. How fast did the problem resolve once you repaired it?

  345. Ray Cheselka says:

    Thank you Charlie, I really appreciate that.

    Once we got that X-robots-tag off of there, it started appearing in branded search almost immediately. Non-branded search phrases started ramping back up after a day or so.

    Although that’s great, their site was still noindexed for a bit. I’m eager to see how much of a setback this will be when comparing historical data, and how long it will take to get them back up to par. On the bright side, that will probably result in another blog post! haha


  346. Charlie Rose says:

    Technical SEO errors like that are the hardest to find sometime. But its also something that should be non existent unless you are doing some really custom development. Kudos on tracking it down What made you decide to look on the server?

  347. Bulldozer says:

    Great glad it was useful! thanks sir,

  348. Aztekium.pl says:

    Very interesting article. Well written.

  349. Phillip says:


    Great info I have a new site as well and it’s not showing on Google I’m not 100% sure how to fix it my site is http://www.bestweightlossprogramss.ga/ But google does not find it the only way to go to the site is typing in the URL and then you go there.
    I can wait couple of weeks but if it does not work what must i do to speed it up i tried a lot of things but nothing yet.

    Have a great day thanks again

  350. Charlie Rose says:

    If its a new site, and you feel you have done everything SEO wise, you are goin to have to wait it out.

  351. Charlie Rose says:

    Thanks! Which SEO tip did you find most useful for your site?

  352. Charlie Rose says:

    Thanks! Which SEO tip did you find most useful for your site?

  353. […] this article for more details about (and solutions for) the first two […]

  354. […] this article for more details about (and solutions for) the first two […]

  355. Ray Cheselka says:

    Agreed! I was shocked that MIVA put it in, and especially shocked they didn’t remove it. Thank you for the kudos. Fortunately we have an in-house hosting department/technical team, so they identified that could be a possibility.

  356. Charlie Rose says:

    Its nice to have a skilled team!

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  359. Alex says:

    I have a wordpress site. After generating XML sitemap should i submitted to google webmaster and crawled. Till i didn’t find my site rankings. What might be the issues. Should i have to resubmit and re-crawl?

  360. […] Read this article for more details about (and solutions for) the first two issues. […]

  361. Charlie Rose says:

    Yes thats the right thing to do. The common misconception is that your site shows up immediately. Unfortunately that is not the case. It can take as long as 4 weeks before you see any movement in SERPs.

  362. francis says:

    Since panda and penguin updates, seldom small websites ranks. You will notice that majority of your searches first page are amazon, ebay, etsy, alibaba and other big companies. If america today is not busy with their own troubles in their own backyard google might be sanctioned for anti trust. Rather focus your marketing on social media. Good Luck guys.

  363. Charlie Rose says:

    I would say this is true for some search results but not all search results. When it comes to geo search small business websites does great. Thanks for your insight.

  364. Vishal Mehta says:

    Same is happening with me , Its been 3 days but my site is still not visible in the SERP. Thank you for the clearification

  365. Charlie Rose says:

    How long has the site been live?

  366. Adobestuff says:

    very helpful post

    Thank you so much!

  367. Charlie Rose says:

    What tip did you find most useful for your situation?

  368. Kunle David says:

    This is a very wonderful article. Very delicious. I did enjoy it and I can’t wait to read more posts from you. This post was really helpful.
    My blog is 5days old and I can’t find it in search engine. Now I believe it’s probably because my blog is still a new one.
    I would love to contact you privately, I’m not sure how to do that.

  369. Charlie Rose says:

    Yes time is a major factor! Just keep publishing great content and your rankings will improve.

  370. Joel says:

    Great Post , Thanks Charlie Rose that very helpful,

  371. Asif Afy says:

    My Site Is Indexed, Web Master Tools Shows Me All Is OK But In Search Result My Site Not Shown.

  372. Charlie Rose says:

    Stoked it was helpful. How long has you site been active?

  373. Charlie Rose says:

    Great question! How long has your site been active?

  374. Sandip Mitra says:

    My website was on 1st page when I search a specific keyword. But right now my web page is not in 1st page. My web page is not mibile friendly. Plz help how to Fix.

  375. Charlie Rose says:

    Google is a fan of mobile friendly websites. I would make sure you get that fixed.

  376. Danny Lew says:

    I have been having issues with having my site indexed and I’m not even in a high competitive niche?? any advice?

  377. Charlie Rose says:

    I would examine your backlink profile. Or its possible your sites are too new.

  378. kapil says:


  379. Charlie Rose says:

    Thanks for the comment. What info was most useful for your SEO situation?

  380. Vasu says:

    Hi sir,
    I was able to see my blog name in google search engine,but suddenly my blog is not recognized in search engine.What will be the reason?

  381. Charlie Rose says:

    How long has your site been online?

  382. Frank says:

    Very nice information shared, thank you it was very useful. I am facing some issues my keywords are not ranking. Is it because of high competition?

  383. Charlie Rose says:

    Yes that would be possible. Are you competing on the local or national level?

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  385. I blog quite often and I seriously appreciate your
    content. This great article has really peaked my interest.
    I am going to bookmark your website and keep checking for new information about once a week.
    I subscribed to your RSS feed too.

  386. Charlie Rose says:

    Great glad our SEO tips are helpful. Good luck with ranking your site.

  387. My site http://www.spakolkata.com is 40 days old. But my domain not found with keywords in google search but it’s show other search engine. Plz help sir!

    Keyword like : spa in kolkata, body massage center in kolkata

  388. Charlie Rose says:

    That will happen with Google. It takes longer to define what your site is about because it uses other factors besides just on-page content in the beginning. Check out this article: https://www.seomechanic.com/google-search-algorithm-work/ and https://www.seomechanic.com/seo-101-how-long-does-seo-take/

  389. Aaron Smith says:

    My website is old more than 40 days I am working on less competitive keywords. the problem is I don’t find my all keywords in google webmaster tool. A few of them I see on webmaster tool. are my keyword still not ranked or there may be another reason that my keywords not appearing on webmaster tool?

  390. Charlie Rose says:

    That’s way too soon to expect that amount of data. Unless your site is cranking with organic traffic right out of the gate. Give it more time but keep producing content and making SEO updates.

  391. Aditya Raj says:

    Thanks for your suggestion. I have submitted my blog to google. It has indexed and crawled most of the pages, but none of my pages is ranking on Google, still, I have the same keyword as my competitor have. Any suggestion?

  392. vikas says:

    thank you so much for your information it helps me a lot

  393. Charlie Rose says:

    Great! Glad these Google tips were helpful! Which was the most useful tip?

  394. Charlie Rose says:

    Google takes time to crawl and index your site. Submitting is kinda like standing in line for a ride. You will get on the ride but you have to wait your turn. But at least you know you are waiting.

  395. Ando says:

    Very helpful for a beginner like me. The report sent by your team is very valuable and will try to solve mistakes as quickly as possible. Thank You Charlie Rose.

  396. Charlie Rose says:

    Glad it was full of useful SEO tips! Good luck with your websites optimization.

  397. Hridoy says:

    Dear Charlie, it was indeed a wonderful blog. I recently made an informative website using sites.google about my research interest. However, whenever I search by my name, the site doesn’t show up in the search engine. What to do? Its not been a week though.

  398. Charlie Rose says:

    Chances are your site is new. Check out my most recent SEO Guide.


  399. Juvena says:

    Hello sir,

    It’s really great article for me, I will follow your tips for my website.

    Thanks for share.

  400. Roy says:

    Can you help please. My site has been twice index by Google, starting 10 May 2018. A good keyword analysis tool says I have 10 keywords showing, the main one reading house share is No 1 and two or three are number 3.
    Question: How come my site is not showing up in the first 150 search results for k/w phrase “reading house share” I dont expect it to be no 1 but given the facts above it should be in the Serps, albeit low down.
    Can you help explain for me please. the on page SEO is well, well above average.

  401. John Gaitan says:

    Hello sir,

    It’s really great article for me, earlier i was facing some problem in my website regarding indexing issues. Now it has been resolved.

    Thanks for share.

  402. Charlie Rose says:

    Great! Glad these SEO tips were useful! Check out this article next: https://www.seomechanic.com/beginners-guide-to-seo/

  403. Vikas says:

    hey thanks for giving information.

  404. Hi,
    My website name is http://englishguroo.com. I have submitted it in google webmaster. sitemap is also submitted and tested it. Google verification code is also attached in all pages. All are fines. It had been submitted in before 30 days. But website is not showing in google search even I have type with englishguroo.com. Whats the wrong going on ?. Please help me so that it is visible in google search.

  405. Charlie Rose says:

    Thats pretty normal if your site is now. Give it some more time. Search in Google site:englishguroo.com and see if anything has been indexed.

  406. Ranjit Jadeja says:

    hello sir my site marugujarat.today
    i just started 10 days ago and submit site map and already indexed of 135 out of 195 in just 2 days…and same name with other site getting 15k visitors daily so i create this website to compitition with them…but not single click from search engine till now from 4 days…already indexed but why not coming in search ?? its because of new or need some social traffic or refferel traffic to getting in search ??thanks in advance

  407. Raphael says:

    My site not showing on google https://freshinlive.com. It was started on May 13, 2018

  408. Juvena says:

    Thanks for share, It’s really great and helpful article for seo.
    But my websites in not coming in google search result, could please suggest me

  409. Charlie Rose says:

    Give it more time. 10 days is too soon to see anything in SERPs.

  410. Denver says:

    My website http://www.thegeoroom.co.zw is not receiving any organic traffic. Direct and social medias are also not helping. My site is two months old what is the best strategy

  411. Charlie Rose says:

    Give it more time. It takes a bit to see positive traction in the beginning.

  412. Raphael says:

    My site https://www.freshinlive.com/ is not showing google display. Please advice.

  413. Charlie Rose says:

    Its not showing in Google Search or something else?

  414. Rameez Ramzan says:

    Hi Charlie,

    I have been having an issue regarding website cache. Today morning I found that my website not showing cache on the Google.


  415. Charlie Rose says:

    Where are you hosting your website?

  416. Jhon Carl says:

    Hi there! I am not certain as to what happen to the site i am working on. I made it up to top 3 on page 1 the on April, May, and the first half of June. However, after the other half of June, shockingly my site isn’t ranked anymore, not even up to 10th page and so on. How am I able to fix this. Also I changed the URL of the site, but the issue already exist when I did that.

  417. nice article i really liked it .

  418. Purnima says:

    Hey Charlie,
    When i am writing my brand project name in google, the result is showing correct but the meta title description is showing, “no information to index”

    My landing page to the keyword is indexed. Both the meta title and description is well written… they why.. pls help

  419. Charlie Rose says:

    I would view the page source and make sure its actually in it. Then sometimes when you search your own name Google creates their own titles. Your title is mostly a suggestion to search engines. In the end Google can add whatever they want.

  420. Suraj Thapa says:

    Great Content Sir. It helps me a lot. Now, My blog is showing in google search results. But, How to get more backlinks?

  421. Aashish Maru says:

    Yoast SEO plugin i also think so same problem happen with me my site apk turtle

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  423. jay says:

    Thanks for your article sir, It really helps me a lot to clear my index problem in my website

  424. amod anand says:


    I am helpless my website url not cached and don’t know how to resolved it. https://www.loomsolar.com/collections/solar-panels

  425. Charlie Rose says:

    How long has your site been online?

  426. Ajex says:

    Actually, I have the similar problem with one of my URL, which its indexed on 17-July-2018 and 18-July-2018 it not get indexed on google.

  427. Claudia says:

    Thank you for sharing this article! Even though I’m trying to do keyword optimisation and all, getting good ol’ Google to notice a (relatively) new website seems incredibly hard… Maybe sometimes all it needs is more patience, time and more content? Fingers crossed! LOL

  428. Charlie Rose says:

    Yes it can take a bit of time. Don’t stress the first few months of SEO. Just consistently improve your site. Here’s another article you might be interested in reading: https://www.seomechanic.com/seo-101-how-long-does-seo-take/

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    My site http://www.helptak.com is 10 days old. But Suddenly the site not appearing in google search. But my domain still exists. I have tried the tag- site:helptak.com but nothing found. Plz help…

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  439. basit omeiza says:

    What Is the the most simplest method to get a backlink from Wikipedia?

  440. Charlie Rose says:

    Have a high authority or interesting proven / verified fact to reference.

  441. Christina Parker says:

    What should be the “Anchor Text Ratio” in 2018? I want to know how many backlinks I can create on keywords?

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  444. Andy says:

    Thanks for all the information you have provided. I have learnt many things from your site and still working on it.

    Thank you so much

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  446. Naresh says:

    Sir one my website is not indexing in google from40 days. Even it has proper XML sitemap, a robots.txt file that allows search engines. Can you check the reason: Link http://www.hiall.info/

  447. Ben Davidson Hughes says:

    This is really helpful, Thank You For taking your time to explain things so clearly like this.. but my problem is, I have submitted my blogspot blog with site map to good search console for 3 months now, Google is not showing up my blog. Can you help me through?
    Thank You in advance.

  448. John says:

    What is niche of your website ? @Quang ?

  449. ummed Rao says:

    We are facing the same problem with my website, Keywords ranking and traffic is going fine but Google not showing the caching date of the websites.

  450. Priya says:

    Hi, Thanks for your Blog. I need one suggestion from you, kindly please help me with that. My website is already in top 10 sometimes its comes to 8th number & later its goes down. So please help me how to take this ranking between 1 to 3 position.

  451. We are facing the same problem with my website, Keywords ranking and traffic is going fine but Google not showing the caching date of the websites.

  452. shree says:

    my wordpress website was appeared in google knowledge graph and 2 in result but after 2 days it disappears from google and i haven’t received any messages from google webmaster

  453. Great informative blog this is. All key strategies using in an excellent way. All this is points are true. But my concern is that if website has been already indexed why it is not showing in SERP. What are the reasons. All on-page files are updated still not cached. Please, reply soon.

  454. Hi Charlie Rose,
    I have taken my domain 7 months ago and until aug’18 I have not post anything in my website, This moth published some posts, Google also indexed all the URLs in my website but while searching with keywords google is not showing any post in all the search result…. Kindly help me?

  455. Very Useful and informative content has been shared out here. Came to know very valuable things from the blog. Thanks for sharing.

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    Good Article… Thanks for Sharing… Apart from above points following points can also affect
    1) No content on your site
    2) Duplicate Content
    3) Thin Content
    4) Using Spammy Links

  457. Mimi says:

    Hi there Charlie. Just wanted to update you.. We have been doing really, really well. Can hardly wait to start using your services a little more consistently to continually grow my business. Looking back, I was probably a bit “too ambitious” thinking at 2 months I would have ranking organic feed. Thanks again. Fashion Necess

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    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!

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    Can somebody help me please, my website is not getting indexed. I dont know why, im not very expert, if someone can help please Leave a reply here im so sad im working alot and website is not going well

  462. Charlie Rose says:

    How long has your website been online? Sometimes time is a big factor of seeing SEO results.

  463. thepicky says:

    Hi Charlie,
    Thanks for the info. My blog/site used to get lots of search traffic from google. For the past one year or so I see a drastic decline in google traffic. No idea why ? Do you think it is because of my keywords -keyword market is very competitive ? Any help or advice would be highly appreciated.

    site url: http://www.thepicky.com

  464. Charlie Rose says:

    Oh its hard to say. But competition would be a big factor when it comes to SEO. Also are you posting engaging content on a regular basis?

  465. Eddy says:

    Hey Charlie good stuff, my site has been indexed, fully optimized with lots of juicy back links coming in and all but when I search for it, I cant find it anywhere. Its 2 weeks old, would you say its an age thing? I really do not know what else it could be. Thanks

  466. Charlie Rose says:

    Hey Eddy! Its for sure an age thing. It can take 6 to 8 weeks to see any traction in Google. Have you setup Google Search Console yet?

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  468. Andrew Smith says:

    Hi Charlie,

    I have a blog about 9 months old. This was appearing in google search results for many search queries before. I have done on page optimization for the posts but not made any backlinks yet.

    But for a couple of months the blog is not appearing for many search terms that it was for earlier.

    Also, my other blog is two months old and have only four posts published and all four posts are indexed in google but two posts are not appearing in search.

    Can you please let me know the possible issues & anything that I can do to resolve the issue.

    Thanks in advance.

    Andrew Smith

  469. Charlie Rose says:

    Ah there could be a number of SEO factors effecting your rank. Have you been actively blogging or updating your content?

  470. Why my domain is showing on 4th page of google search results.

  471. Charlie Rose says:

    How long has your website been indexed in Google search results?

  472. Andrew Smith says:

    Hi Charlie,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I have been adding new blog posts very rarely as I have been working full time on other job & doing blogging part time.

    I was wondering because my site was appearing in Google for many more search terms earlier and now suddenly it is not.

    I have not done any link building yet should I go ahead and make few links like blog commenting, web 2.0, forum posting etc. or it may harm my website?


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    this is zabih ullah from afghanistan and my website in nearly number one in afghanistan

    your topic was so usefull

  474. Charlie Rose says:

    Great glad these SEO tips were helpful! What are you trying to rank for?

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  476. Naveen says:

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  477. Charlie Rose says:

    Great! Glad this info on Google Search was useful.

  478. Charlie Rose says:

    It could be for a number of different reasons. Have you been doing SEO for a while? If not try brushing up on some SEO basics to eliminate some common problems.

    Other posts to check out: https://www.seomechanic.com/how-seo-works/

  479. Ajay Kumar says:

    Hi Sir,
    I am focusing keywords like HR Software and Payroll Software for Ranking in Google but these keywords are not showing in Google First or Second Page. Kindly check and guide me.


  480. Sophia says:

    I am glad to read your article

  481. Charlie Rose says:

    Glad it was helpful!

  482. Charlie Rose says:

    It takes time to learn. I have been doing SEO for over 20 years. And im still learning.

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    Thank you so much! Got some good idea about how google indexing works.

  484. Aman singh says:

    My Google ranking dropped dramatically, but I cannot figure out how to recover them, Have you any solution.

  485. charlie@funnls.com says:

    Do you have Google Search Console setup?

  486. been monitoring using google search console and ahrefs

  487. shantanu says:

    thanks, helpful article

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  490. I have bought some old domain and built a few websites on them.

    However, after 5 months I have my brand new sites, I am still getting search results from pages of the old owner that had a completely different website!

    Of course, it’s gonna throw a 404 when clicking on them but I see too many old results still.

    – why google is doing this?
    – how to remove these results?

    ( i am not aware of all the pages of the old site since it was not mine and cannot remove URL by URL from the console)

  491. Charlie Rose says:

    Depending on the age of the paes and the specific queries they could come up for a long time. Just do your due diligence to let Google know and setup proper redirects.

  492. Dennis says:

    Can you make a post for local citation?

  493. Charlie Rose says:

    Yes thats a great idea. We’ll add it to our content calendar.

  494. Augustine says:

    Hey Charlie, I created a new website with a brand new domain and posted an article. The article was about 700 words. After 2 days, the article was on page 1 already. And it has stayed there to date. Other pages took long but that one post surprised me. What might have happened?

  495. Charlie Rose says:

    Yea great observation. Its possible Google was missing a lot of useful answers for that specific search result. Was it a long tail keyword or niche topic?

  496. Avanexa Technologies says:

    Great Article… definitely I will implement all the points in my website. Thank you!!!!

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    Hello Any One Can Help me that Error is showing in google console when i inspect url
    URL is not on Google
    This page is not in the index, but not because of an error. See the details below to learn why it wasn’t indexed. Learn more

    What to do for solve that Problem.

  498. Charlie Rose says:

    Is your website new? Also how long has the content been published?

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  500. MJ says:

    Why have Google results become such crap?
    Here’s a hypothetical example the results I am seeing nowadays:

    1) There is an artist who has a website where you can buy his paintings. It is simple and clean without a bunch of bs text.

    2) There is also a click-bait website “all about” the artist with a bunch of crap articles.

    Conclusion: The crap site will rank higher than the artist’s own website.

    Google is now giving more credence to sites with articles about that something more than they do the real something.

    Somehow Google thinks those results serve the end user. Google has become about the same as Yahoo in my mind. The other day I searched a very specific key phrase and all the Google SERPs were for the EXACT opposite of what I was looking for.

  501. Charlie Rose says:

    Yes this can happen. Is it a well known artist with a Wikipedia page?

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  503. Smoothstack says:

    Sitemap and robots.txt are also a good idea to make your website visible on Google. After creating these two, upload it and so that Google may indexed your website faster than letting Google indexing by itself. Cheers for a wonderful article.

  504. emma kate says:

    Nice post really find it helpful but one thing here i want to ask i have new website almost two and half-month-old still some post does not appear on top 100 how long more is it gonna take to appear on top 100?

  505. Charlie Rose says:

    Depending on the search terms you’re targeting it could take up to 6 to 8 months. Check out this article for some more tips: SEO 101: How Long Does SEO Take to Start Working?

  506. quang vu says:

    Hello everyone, I am having trouble with indexing by google.
    I have created a blog and posted 16 post, but just the first 8 posts are indexed. Although I have used inspection tool for many time from 2 weeks ago. Google still doesn’t index my site. Please help me!!

  507. Charlie Rose says:

    How long has your web site been live?

  508. quang vu says:

    My website is over 2 months

  509. Charlie Rose says:

    Thats still pretty new. Check out our Beginners SEO Strategy.


  510. Joddy Edwards says:

    My website is not there on the first 5 serp. What should I do ?

  511. Ontwikkeling Website Gent says:

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  512. Charlie Rose says:

    Glad the info was helpful.

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    Hello sir. Thanks for the awesome article. But I encountered some problem with the search. When I googled my website, it only shows the main home page and About Us page. Needless to say there are many other deep pages and links, but they are not displayed with the search. But I when I search with the pages withe website name..Example: abc services, it shows the page. Can you please tell me what is problem with the page

  514. Charlie Rose says:

    Thanks for the comment. Have you reviewed our SEO guide? But initially sounds like your site is probably relatively new.

  515. Oshin Kamble says:

    Hey Charlie,

    Killer post.
    Thanks for sharing it.

  516. Charlie Rose says:

    Thanks for checking it out and leaving a comment. How long have you been doing SEO?

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    same problem happen with my website. But thanks for your amazing article i will wait for few days.hope my website will indexing soon.

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    Thank again for your great post, appreciate your effort. Saily from TechRecur

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    Hello Mr, Charlie Rose
    I Have a site and working from Last 7-8 Months but Some Pages and Home Page Not Indexed Properly yet. Please Suggest What i do for this Problem.

  520. Satender Rajput says:

    Hi Charlie,

    I launched my website 1 Month ago, but still now getting any organic user. I have checked Google webmaster, it is showing my site is getting indexed and there are not any errors.
    One point which you have mentioned, I will agree “my keywords are too much competitive” so what should I do now. Please suggest.


  521. Jane says:

    I have newbie site about one month old .For main keyword shown in Bing on first page but on Google its not shown at all.What is your sugesstion?

    Thank you!

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    Around 20 pages of my websites ranks on 1st page of google, and other pages raks on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th pages of google but 1 page of my website is not taking any ranking on google, my domain age is 8 years and this page was created 6 months ago but i am not getting a single click on it.

  525. Charlie Rose says:

    Is the content of the page targeting a keyword that other pages on your site could rank for?

  526. Paul says:

    Before, i also want to know this when my blog just started to get online and you just answeted some of the things that i am curious about. Great article! Very informative.

  527. Charlie Rose says:

    Glad it was helpful. If you have more questions you should join the SEO Mechanic community.

    Link: https://community.seomechanic.com