WordPress Guide for Beginners

How do you set up a WordPress website from scratch? That is the question we received recently from a client interested in setting up their first WordPress site.

The idea sparked this beginner’s guide to WordPress. Why WordPress? What do you need to set it up? How do you use the WordPress dashboard for modifying content? These are many of the questions that we talk about in this guide how to set up a WordPress site for your business.

Follow the steps below to learn more about WordPress.

  1. Why Use WordPress?
  2. WordPress.Com versus WordPress.Org
  3. Domains and Hosting
  4. Understanding Themes
  5. Installing WordPress
  6. Exploring the Dashboard
  7. How to Use Pages
  8. How to Use Posts
  9. How to Use Plugins
  10. Marketing Your Site

Creating your first WordPress site can be a bit daunting. Understand that it is like any other application on the web. The more familiar you get with using WordPress, the more comfortable you are using the platform for your business.

It takes time to set up, but this step by step guide should help you easily navigate through your new WordPress site, so you can drive traffic to your website.

If you still have questions about how to set up your new WordPress site for your business, then please contact us directly.