#6: Website Content

3 hours/page – Add content to your website

Fortunately, you have several options to do this depending on your current website setup.

First, you could break long pages of content into multiple pages. While research on this is mixed, you might find it beneficial to break apart longer pieces of content into multiple pages.

Google traditionally ranked longer website pages (between 2,000-3,000 words) higher in the search results. However, if you have more pages on your site, Google can find more of them and provide more traffic to your site.

The key is to not add pages just to bring in more traffic. You need pages that provide quality information. By breaking them down into digestible pieces of content, you get more traffic and can encourage users to come back more often to view more of your content.

Second, start a blog. If you have thin content on your site, nothing can do more to combat this challenge than publishing regular blog posts. Not only does a blog provide an opportunity for regular content and feedback, but it is a great place to demonstrate your thoughts on various topics.

In regards to SEO, make sure that your blog posts contain unique content. To get the full value of your search engine optimization, your pages should be 80% unique.

Also, use keywords that are relevant and stay on topic. Some pages don’t need 500 or 1,000 words, but make sure the content is helpful.

Search algorithms today depend as much on readability as good keyword research and placement. This means a writer’s skill is vital. Focus on the readability score of your content to make sure it fits your audience. If you cannot write the type of quality content required, then you may need to hire a freelance writer.

30 minutes – Limit advertisements on the site

Too many ads on the page provide a poor user experience, especially when the ads are above the fold.

30 minutes – Incorporate a feedback tool for your content/website

One of the most important things you can do for your website is to ensure that prospects have a way of reaching out to you. The more they can engage with your site on a personal level, the more they will feel attached to your content.

Providing a solid contact form to collect prospect information and follow up with them is essential. Forms likes Contact Form 7 and Gravity Forms (premium) can be a tremendous asset to your website.

Another benefit is that high quality forms provides some extra content for search engines to find about your business.

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