#5: On-Page SEO

1 hour – Fix broken links

Make sure you remove or fix any broken links on your website.

One of the worst user experiences you can provide is to direct them to a 404 error because you have a word missing in a URL.

WordPress has a plugin, WP Broken Link Status Checker, to help you find the broken links on your website.

30 minutes – Keep all pages within 3-4 clicks of the home page

Complicated URL structures do not work. You should do your best to have all pages within 4 clicks of the home page.

This is important because pages that are buried on your website are viewed with less authority by search engines. More important pages should be fewer clicks away from the home page.

Maintain a simple structure for your website to ensure that all of your pages get the most out of your SEO efforts. You can do this in the menu of your WordPress site quickly and easily.

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