What Does SpyFu Do?

Regardless of your business type and industry, you’re sure to have quite a bit of competition. The way you deal with this competition – especially in regards to your online presence – has a lot to say about your future success.

This leads to an important question: what’s the best way to spy on your competition online?

While there are many ways of doing so, SpyFu (one of our favorite SEO tools) can make your life much easier. Here’s the company’s tagline:

“Download Your Competitors’ Most Profitable Keywords and Ads For Paid and Organic Search.”

In addition to your own keyword research, you can use SpyFu to better understand the approach that your competitors are taking, both with paid and organic search.

This may be just what you need to open your eyes to new opportunities, while also overtaking your competitors at the top of the search engines.

It Starts with a Search

One of the top benefits of SpyFu is its ease of use. Getting started is as simple as typing your competitor’s website into the search bar. From there, you’re presented with data such as:

  • Every organic ranking for every keyword
  • Every keyword they’re running on Adwords
  • Every ad variation over the past 12 years

With this information, you can better understand what your competitors are doing and then adjust your approach accordingly.

The King of Research

When it comes to research, SpyFu is second to none. Here are the three categories of research, as well as some of the things you can do:

1. PPC Competitor Research

  • Adwords spy tool
  • Find competitor keywords that you aren’t already buying
  • PPC negative match recommendations
  • Monitor PPC competition
  • PPC ad rank tracker

2. SEO Competitor Research

  • Three way competitor research tool
  • Keyword ranking history
  • Review competitor backlinks by keyword
  • Keyword group analysis
  • Create detailed reports

3. Keyword Research

  • Keyword grouper tool
  • Google keyword tool alternative
  • SERP and PPC analysis
  • Keyword ranking history
  • Adwords advice

Final Thoughts

With the basic plan starting as low as $33/month, it’s worth your time to learn more about SpyFu. Once you have a clear understanding of how it can benefit your online strategy, you may find that SpyFu is a tool you can’t live without.

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