What is Image SEO?

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How to optimize your images for search

Another way to garner more search traffic is through pictures. Google has an image search feature comparable to traditional search.

If you want to gain traffic from image searches here are a few strategies.

#1. Use Alt Attribute

An alt attribute or alt tag is the image equivalent of a text keyword. This tag is beneficial for search and accessibility reasons. Search engines still struggle to process image content. The alt tag guides Google to determine when to display the photo to searchers.

Alternatively, people with visual disabilities might use the alt attribute to read the concept behind the image and follow along with traditional readers.

#2. Avoid filename and lengthy filenames

When you use Alt Attributes, you need to update the filename as well. Otherwise, you could get images with alt tags like image01404020.jpg.

The name above is not descriptive and can hurt your image search traffic.

Additionally, you should keep your image filenames short and to the point. Too long and it might not get picked up by Google. They do cut off image filenames to a certain length.

#3. Image sitemaps

Often Google is not able to review images on your site if you have JavaScript galleries or image pop-ups.

Having an image sitemap like your website sitemap helps Google crawl your images so that you can improve your search traffic.

You can use a WordPress plugin like Udinra Image Sitemap.

Note: If you want to use Udinra Image Sitemap it might have some compatibility issues with Yoast. Look at the directions to see if Yoast already created an image sitemap.

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